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Canada offers immense opportunity for enterprising businesses. With some of the world’s leading cities, mature financial and healthcare sectors, and a growing industry, Canada offers great scope for businesses. V-Help Consultancy can help you access this vast pool of opportunity with our Canada Business Visa solutions.


To facilitate trade, Canada offers various Business Visas that allow entrepreneurs, executives and professionals to temporarily visit Canada to conduct business. With the Canada Business Visa, visitors can:
• Visit Canada for the purpose of business
• Attend trade shows and conferences
• Meet prospective clients and take new orders
• Attend training from your company in Canada
The Canada Business Visa allows you to stay upto 6 months in Canada.


To apply for a Canada Business Visa, you need the following documentation:
• Passport & travel history
• Background documentation
• Documents from your company
• Documents proving you will not be staying beyond the stipulated time
• Completed application & consulate fees
• Adequate medical insurance

Subheading-Canada Startup Visa program:

If you are a non-Canadian and want to start a new business or company in Canada, then you can use the country’s startup visa program.
This program encourages immigrant entrepreneurs to develop their startups in Canada. Successful applicants can tie up with private companies in Canada and receive help on funding and guidance on running their business.
However, this visa program has specific guidelines on the ownership and shareholding requirements for a startup.
Eligibility requirements for visa applicants are:

• Have proof that the business has the required support
• Must fulfil the ownership requirements
• Must have the required proficiency in English or French
• Must have completed at least one year of post-secondary education
• Must have enough funds to settle in Canada and support dependent family members
• Must clear the medical tests and security requirements

Applicants for this visa must have the support or sponsorship of a specified Canadian venture capital fund, angel investor or business incubator to qualify for the visa.
The IRCC has designated specific venture capital funds, investor groups and business incubators to be part of this visa program.
Startups that succeed in getting through this program must be able to get the minimum required investment. If it is from a venture capital fund, minimum investment should be USD 200,000. If the investment is from an angel investor group, the investment should be at least USD 75,000. Applicants must also be a member of a Canadian business incubator program.


A Business Visa to Canada opens doors to a whole new market. As one of the worlds’s most advanced economies, Canada has much to offer by way of trade and business. V-Help Consultancy can help you apply for the business visa with confidence through our expert Canada visa & immigration services. A dedicated V-Help consultant will work with you and help you:
o Identify and collect all your documents
o Complete the visa documents checklist
o Create your application package
o Fill the various forms and applications accurately
o Updates & follow up
o Interview preparation

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Multicultural Canada is one of the world’s best destinations for migrants. Its cosmopolitan cities, a stable economy and high quality of life make it one of the best countries to live in. Canada also has a huge demand for migrants and has opened its doors to individuals with the skills and talent to give it a global edge. As India’s #1 immigration consultant V-Help Consultancy has the experience and credibility to help you with your Canada immigration process.


• Huge demand for skilled immigrant talent
• Less rigorous immigration process compared to other English speaking nations
• Free healthcare and education for permanent residents
• Safe, comfortable country with welcoming people
• Vibrant cities that are home to migrants from multiple countries


Canada has one of the world’s most forward thinking immigration programs. There are multiple programs by which one can apply to migrate to Canada. These include:

• Migration to Canada through Express Entry program
• Migrate to Canada through the Quebec Selected Workers Program
• Migrate to Canada through Provincial Nominee Program
• Migrate to Canada as an Entrepreneur/self-employed person
• Migration to Canada for family
• Migrate to Canada as an Investor

The list of programs is dynamic and can change at any point of time. Each of these programs comes with its own set of application criteria and is designed for different types of applicants. Y-Help Consultancy helps applicants in making the right decision to migrate to Canada by helping them choose the right program and assisting them throughout their migration program. Our experienced counselors will be with you at every step of the way as you plan and navigate your migration journey.

1. Express Entry Program:
The Express Entry program is one of the most popular ways to migrate to Canada. It was the first immigration program to use skills and points to assess the eligibility of individuals wishing to migrate.
The visa processing time under this program can extend up to six months or less.

2. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):
If you opt for the PNP to apply for your PR visa, these are the steps:
• You must apply in the province or region where you desire to settle.
• You could be nominated by the province to apply for a PR visa if your profile meets the eligibility criteria.
• You can apply for your PR visa after you are nominated by a province.

The criteria for evaluating the PR application differs in each province but the eligibility requirements are like the Express Entry Program.
The PNP is an option you can choose if your points score is not high enough and you still get your provincial nomination. When making your application under the PNP, you can choose a province from where it will be easy to get a nomination based on your profile.
A provincial nomination can help you in two ways to get your PR visa. It can add 600 CRS points to your Express Entry application and makes you eligible to apply for your PR visa directly to IRCC.

3. Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP):
Quebec has its own Provincial Nominee Program known as the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP). This immigration program was started with the intention to encourage more immigrants to come and settle in Quebec without having to go through the hassle of a lengthy immigration process.
Through this program skilled workers can apply for the Quebec Selection Certificate or Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ). It is not necessary for applicants to have a valid job offer in order to migrate to Quebec. However, those with a job offer are given higher priority.
Th QSWP is also based on a points-based system like the Express Entry System.


While each program to migrate to Canada has different criteria, there are a few things in common. Canadian immigration officials will typically assess migration applications based on:
• Educational profile
• Professional profile
• Your IELTS score
• French language skills if migrating to Quebec
• References & legal documentation
• Canadian employment documentation
This is not an exhaustive list and subject to change. Talk to a V-Help Consultancy counselor to assess your eligibility and increase your chances of migrating to Canada.

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Looking to relocate to Canada quickly and get on track for a PR? The Canada Provincial Nominee Program is an accessible way to settle in Canada. Under the Provincial Nominee Program Canadian provinces and territories can nominate individuals for a Canadian Permanent Residency. While the PNP program is separate from the Express Entry program, it does offer applicants holding a select PNP an additional 600 CRS points when they enter the Express Entry pool. Several PNP programs have sent Letters of Interest to applicants with CRS scores under 400 as well. V-Help Consultancy can help you take advantage of this huge opportunity to migrate to Canada with our dedicated visa and immigration support.


The Canada Provincial Nominee Program was created to attract skilled international talent to Canada provinces facing a talent shortage. Thousands of successful applicants have relocated and permanently settled in Canada through the PNP program. Some of the best Canadian provinces to apply to under this program are:
• Prince Edward Island
• Ontario
• Saskatchewan
• Manitoba
• Nova Scotia

If you are a skilled professional with experience in technology, finance, education, marketing or healthcare, now is the perfect time to explore your options through the PNP program.
You can apply under the PNP option to migrate to Canada if you want to live in a province, contribute to its economy and wish to become a permanent resident of Canada. Options in the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
There are two options when filling an application through the PNP program:
1. Paper based process
2. Through Express Entry
Paper based process:
The first step is to apply to the province or territory for nomination under the non-Express Entry stream. If you meet the eligibility requirements and qualify through the individual In-demand Occupation Lists of some provinces, you will get a nomination from the province if your occupation is on the list. You can then apply for a Canada PR Visa.
You will now have to submit a paper application for your PR visa. The processing time is usually longer than through the Express Entry system.
Express Entry System:
There are 2 ways to apply:
You can apply for a nomination by contacting the province or territory and apply for a nomination under the Express Entry stream.
If you get a positive response from the province or territory to nominate you, you can create an Express Entry profile or update your profile if it already exists.
The other option is to create an Express Entry profile and indicate the provinces or territories you are interested in. If the province sends a ‘notification of interest’ you can then contact them and then apply through the Express Entry system.
You must meet the eligibility requirements for a successful outcome of your application. Steps in PNP application for PR visa:
1. Apply in the province or region where you desire to settle.
2. If your profile meets the eligibility criteria, you could be nominated by the province to apply for a PR visa.
3. Apply for your PR visa after you are nominated by a province.
The criteria for evaluating the PR application varies from province to province.


To apply for the Canadian PNP program, applicants need to present their:
• Current passport and travel history
• Educational credentials
• Professional credentials
• Recent medical report
• Police clearance certificate
• Other supporting documents
Features of the Provincial nominee program:
Canada offers nearly 80 different PNPs which have their individual eligibility requirements. The PNP program allows provinces to meet their individual immigration needs by helping them fill jobs that are in demand and meet labor shortages in their province.
Most PNPs require applicants to have some connection to the province. They should have either worked earlier in that province or studied there. Or they should have a job offer from an employer in the province for a job visa.
A provincial nomination can help you in two ways to get your PR visa. It can add 600 CRS points to your Express Entry application and makes you eligible to apply for your PR visa directly to IRCC.


V-Help Consultancy is one of the world’s leading authorities on Canadian immigration. Our experience and knowledge ensures your application meets all the criteria and has the highest chances of success. Our end to end services include:
• Immigration documents checklist
• Complete application processing
• Forms, documentation & application filing
• Updates & follow up
• Job search services
• Relocation and post-landing support in Canada
The Canadian Provincial Nominee Program is a time-sensitive program that you must capitalize on immediately. Reach out to us to discover how you can take advantage of this.

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The Canada Express Entry Program is a points based immigration program for professionals looking to settle in Canada. It awards points to professionals based on skills, experience, Canadian employment status and provincial/territorial nomination. The higher your points, the greater your chances of receiving an invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residency in Canada. Typically PR applications submitted through this route are processed in 6-12 months or fewer. Take advantage of this lucrative program with V-Help Consultancy. We are the leading authority on Canadian migration and can help you plan every step of your immigration process.


The Express Entry program has streamlined immigration for professionals and made the process more transparent. Key details of the program are:
• This is an online program which has no cap on applicants and is open throughout the year
• The program applies only to Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Traders Program, and Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program
• You must submit an Expression of Interest and apply as an applicant under any type of job mentioned in Skill Types 0, A and B
• Your profile will be evaluated based on points and will be placed in the applicant pool
• Canadian provinces and employers will access this pool and find talent to meet their needs
• The highest points holders are sent an Invitation to Apply for PR
• The number of ITAs issued is based on the Annual Immigration Level


The Canada Express Entry Program relies on a points-based system to evaluate applicants. The main objective of this system is to identify applicants who have the highest chance of succeeding after they migrate to Canada. The points scale has a maximum score of 1200 and evaluates you and your spouse (if any) on your:
• Age
• The highest level of education
• Online registration CAD: 300 non-refundable (4 weeks)
• Language skills
• Canadian work experience
• Other work experience
• Skill transferability
• Other factors

Benefits of the Express Entry System:
One advantage of this immigration program is its transparency. Applicants will know the CRS points they will have to score to be eligible for the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.
Candidates will be aware of the median score they should obtain in order to qualify for the ITA, if they do not make the mark, they can always make efforts to improve their CRS score or consider other CRS options.
They can look at improving their language test results, or on gaining additional work experience, look at options to study in Canada or try for a provincial nomination.
Better prospects for migrants:
Young candidates with a higher level of education, language proficiency in English or French or both or those with Canadian experience (employees or students) have the potential to reach a higher CRS score and get selected through the Express Entry system.
Candidates who manage to get a provincial nomination are eligible for 600 additional points. Those with a job offer in Canada or siblings residing in the country are eligible for additional points.


Step 1: Create your Express Entry profile
You will have to first create your online Express Entry profile. The profile should include details about your age, work experience, education, language skills, etc. You will be given a score base on these details.
If you qualify by getting the required points, you can submit your profile. This will be included in the Express Entry pool.

Step 2: Complete your ECA
If you have done your education outside Canada, you should get your Educational Credentials Assessment or ECA. The ECA proves that your educational qualifications are equal to those recognized in the Canadian educational system.

Step 3: Complete your language ability tests
The next step is completing the required English language proficiency tests. The minimum score is 6 bands in IELTS equivalent to CLB 7. Your test score should be less than 2 years old at the time of application.
You will have an edge over other applicants if you know French. French language test like the Test de evaluation de Francians (TEF) will prove your proficiency in the language.

Step 4: Calculate your CRS score
If your profile makes it to the Express Entry pool, it is ranked based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. Criteria such as age, work experience, adaptability, etc. determine your CRS score. Your profile gets included in the Express Entry pool if you have the required CRS score.

Step 5: Get your Invitation to Apply (ITA)
If your profile gets selected from the Express Entry pool, you will get an ITA from the Canadian government after which you can start the documentation for your PR visa.


V-Help Consultancy is the immigration consultant of choice for serious applicants for Canada immigration. Our thorough process and end-to-end support ensure you take the right action at every step. We help you with:
• Qualification / Education Assessment
• Customized Document Checklist and critical document templates
• Guidance on key documentation requirements
• Filing of an online application form to create a profile for Invitation
• IELTS Guidance document
• Reference letter Templates
• Self Declaration Templates



As one of the world’s favorite student destinations Canada has much to boast of. Students from across the world flock to its reputed universities to pursue courses in every discipline. Strong infrastructure, cutting edge curriculum and sprawling campuses are the hallmark of Canadian institutions. V-Help Consultancy works with students to help them increase their chances of studying in Canada. We help students identify and apply to the right course and right college that can serve as a launch pad for their international career.


Canada is one of the best places to higher studies and the country attracts thousands of students each year from abroad. The country provides world class education which is recognized globally. Research is one of the key components of a graduate student. The universities support the students who come out with best research ideas and many scholarships are given to student for their research works.
• Affordable Education
• Innovative and Abundant Research Opportunities
• Immigration Possibilities
• Exciting Campus Lifestyle
• Healthy and Safe Communities
• International students can often work while they study & Internships


• Numerous research opportunities
• Possibility of immigration after completing the course
• Vibrant campus atmosphere
• International students have the option of working when studying
• Good internship opportunities


• Education Qualification
• The minimum eligibility criterion is to be a graduate with 50% score from a UGC or AICTE recognized university.
• However, the below factors make the client case an exception and a KB query has to be raised to take confirmation on whether you can enroll the client or not before you sell.
• Year Back
• The graduation degree has to be completed within the stipulated time with no-year back.
• Example: B.Com is a 3-year degree. The client should have completed it within 3 years and not more.
• Example: Engineering is a 4-year degree. The client should have completed within 4 years and not more.
• Backlogs
• The client should not have more than 10 backlogs in his/her graduation period.


• A student needs to pursue a course for a minimum duration of 8 months to be eligible to stay back in Canada
• Course less than 8 months does not allow a client to stay back and apply for Post Graduation Work Permit
• For post-graduation work permit a client needs to pursue a course of duration 8 months or more.
o If the client pursues a course which is of duration less than 2 years, he/she is eligible for a post-graduation work permit of equivalent duration as the course
• Example: 8 months course = 8 months post-graduation work permit
o If the client pursues 2 years course (masters or diploma), he/she is eligible for a post-graduation work permit of 3 years
• Example: 2 years masters/diploma course = 3 years post-graduation work permit


Student Applicant:
• Students must be over 18 years of age
• International Students can work on-campus or off-campus for up to 20 hours during university semesters and full-time during breaks such as the winter or summer holidays, without the need for a work permit
• Foreign students who are studying in a program that requires work experience such as through a co-op or internship program

In general, spouses are given the same rights as the spouse is already in Canada. Therefore, if the spouse in Canada has the right to work, the spouse who comes to join him or her will also have that right. But also note that only work permit holders can apply for the dependant visas.


• Valid Passport
• Attested copies of 10th, 12th and Degree certificates
• Academic references – 2
• Employer references – 2
• SOP (Statement of Purpose)
• Certificates of extracurricular achievements
• An acceptance letter from your education institution
• Proof of payment
• Proof of financial funds
• Passport size photographs
• Study Permit and visa
• English Proficiency
• Your University will make you aware of additional requirements if any prior to your application


A foreign national on a study visa in Canada can bring their spouse and dependent children to Canada. The spouse can also apply for an open work permit. They can work for a Canadian employer for the time the study visa of their partner is valid. However, if the spouse wants to study, they will have to apply for a separate study visa.
Study visa holders can also bring their dependent children to Canada. The children can stay for the duration of the study visa in Canada. Minor children can pursue their school education in the country provided one of their parents can either work or study in Canada. A dependent child should be below the age or 22. Children above 22 years who are not financially independent due to a physical or mental condition are also considered dependents.


• Canada has provided ways to encourage international students and graduates to stay, gain work experience, or otherwise contribute to Canada’s economy and culture
• In its effort to retain international students, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) operate a Post-Graduate Work Permit Program. Under this program, international graduates may obtain an open work permit for up to three years
• This allows them to work for any Canadian employer in any industry without the requirement of a Canadian job offer at the time of applying



Millions of visitors and tourists flock to Canada every year to visit friends and family or to just experience Canada’s natural beauty. V-Help Consultancy can help you too with our quick Canada Visit Visa services. The Canada visit visa is granted for a period of six months and is either single entry or multiple entry visas. While you cannot work on the visit visa, you are free to travel across Canada for tourism and leisure.


The Canada Visit Visa is a straightforward visa application giving you the ability to visit Canada for a period of up to 6 months. Key points to note about this visa are:
• It can only be used for leisure or tourism purposes
• You cannot use this visa to work or to apply for work
• You can take your dependents and children along
• Typically, the visit visa is issued in 27 days after submission


The Canada Visitor Visa process requires you to meet the following criteria:
• A valid passport with an expiry date that is after six months or more.
• Documents that prove you have enough ties to your home country.
• Financial statements that prove you have enough funds to support your stay in Canada
• A letter of invitation from your relatives if you are planning to stay with them
• Medical clearance certificate if you need to undergo a medical exam before your trip


The Canada Visitor Visa process requires you to meet the following criteria:
• Applicants must prove that they possess sufficient funds to support themselves and their family for the entire period of their visit
• Applicants must not intend to seek or undertake a job
• Applicants should have no criminal record and intend to strictly comply with the laws of the country
• Applicants who might stay either with their relatives or friends should also provide invitation letters from their sponsor
• Applicants from certain countries may need a temporary resident visa
• You may need to meet certain more entry requirements based on your profile


With our extensive experience in Canadian immigration, V-Help Consultancy can help you make the strongest case for your visit visa. Our teams will help you with:
• Identifying the best strategy to get your visa
• Advising you on how to present your case so the chance of a personal interview is minimized
• Advising you on finances to be shown
• Advising you on documents to be presented
• Filling of forms
• Review of all your documentation
Make sure your application has the highest chance of success by talking to our Canadian visa specialists.



Canada Work Permit, or a Work Visa, is issued to eligible overseas individuals to work in that country for a specific time period.
People need to apply for a Work Visa only after getting a job offer or an employment contract from a Canadian employer. The employer must obtain from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment), which gives them permission to recruit foreign skilled workers for occupations that cannot be filled in by citizens or permanent residents of Canada.
As one of the world’s leading economies Canada is a great destination for individuals seeking to work abroad. The Canadian Work Permit Visa allows business people, permanent workers, temporary workers, students and others to work in Canada. Typically, applicants need to have a job offer in hand in order to apply for the work permit visa. With our end-to-end overseas career solutions, V-Help Consultancy can help you find a job and apply for a Canadian Work Permit Visa.


Every year more than 300,000 individuals are granted permits to work in Canada. This is a huge opportunity for foreign workers seeking to make a better life. Under the Canada Work Permit Visa you can:
• Work in Canada under the employer you have mentioned in your work permit application
• Have the ability to apply for Dependent Visas to call your dependents
• Earn in dollars
• Travel across Canada
• Apply for a PR visa at a later date


Applicants need to show proof that they are eligible to take up the job offer. To apply for a Canada Work Permit from India, you need to meet certain requirements. Documents need to be submitted in either English.
The Canada Work Permit Visa is ideal for temporary workers, foreign graduates from Canadian universities, businessmen and others who need to work in Canada.


• Give proof to an officer that you will move out of Canada on the expiry of your Work Permit
• Have documents showing that you have enough funds to support yourself and your family during your stay in Canada
• Have no record of any criminal activity and submit a police clearance certificate as proof
• Are not a danger to Canada’s security
• Must have good health and take a medical exam if required
• Have no plans to work for an employer listed as ineligible by the government because they failed to comply with certain conditions
• Have no plans to work for an employer who offers erotic dance, escort services, striptease, or erotic massages
• Must be ready to provide any documents demanded by officers to qualify your entry to Canada


• A valid passport with a validity of more than 6 months from the planned date of arrival in Canada.
• Two recent passport-sized photographs
• Educational qualification certificates
• Proof of professional qualifications, including work experience
• Proof of having adequate financial resources to cover their expenses during their stay in Canada
• Medical examination required to be done from registered hospitals.
• Application fee
Applicants should also be able to convince immigration officials that they would return to their home country after the end of their employment.

Different types of work permits:

There are two types of work permits given by Canadian authorities- open work permit and an employer-specific work permit. An open work permit basically allows you to work for any employer. This visa is not job-specific, so applicants do not require the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or an offer letter from an employer who has paid the compliance fee.
With an open work permit you can work for any employer in Canada except for those companies that do not comply with labor requirements or are involved in services like escort services, erotic massage or exotic dancing.
The employer-specific work permit as the name suggests is a permit that allows you to work for a specific employer.
While the employer-specific work permit pertains to a single employer, the open work permit can come with certain conditions which will be written on it. These include: • Type of work
• Places where you can work
• Duration of work

Holders of the following visas can apply for an Open Work Permit:
• Temporary Work Permits for spouses
• Post-Graduation Work Permit
• Temporary Resident Permit
• World Youth Program Permit
• Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Spousal Permit
• Regular Open Work Permit
• Bridging Open Work Permit
Conditions for the open work permit:
• Proof of financial resources that can support yours and your family’s stay in Canada during the work permit validity
• Proof that you have no history of a criminal record
• Proof that you are in good health
• Willingness to adhere to the conditions of your work permit even if you are given a restricted work permit
• Meet eligibility conditions such as language skills, biometric data, and insurance


The government of Canada allows immigration for family members under the dependent work permit category.
Bringing dependents on a work permit
You may be entitled to have your spouse and children join you in Canada if you obtain a job offer from a Canadian employer and have an open work permit.
Your children will be eligible to attend Canadian educational institutions without having to get separate study permits. Your spouse will also be able to apply for an open work permit so that they can work in Canada.


You will need to include the following to sponsor your family members for Dependent Visa for Canada
1. Recorded evidence of your financial condition and cash flow over the past 12 months to prove you are financially stable and capable to support your family.
2. If you are sponsoring a Canadian Dependent Visa for your child then he or she,
• Must be younger than 22 years
• Should be able to show that they rely on you financially
• If your child is unable to earn his or her own money for some reason, either physically or mentally, then you can sponsor him after giving enough proof of the same
• The child should be either your biological or adopted child
3. To prove your relationship, you will need to provide a birth certificate or adoption certificate
4. The child will need to undergo a medical and criminal test and may be prevented from entering the country if a criminal record or medical condition that is likely to be contagious or cause an epidemic has been found to be present.


• Passport & travel history
• Background documentation
• Spouse/partner documentation including marriage certificate
• Other proof of relationship
• Completed application & consulate fees


V-Help Consultancy is one of the leaders in Canadian immigration and visa consulting services. Our teams have worked on thousands of Canadian visa applications and we have the knowledge and experience to help you throughout the process. Our services include:
• Complete visa application support
• Assistance with collecting supporting documentation
• Visa Interview Preparation – if required
• Updates & Follow-up with the Consulate
• Job search assistance if required
Talk to a V-Help Consultancy consultant to learn more about your options.