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At Visa Helps, we believe that everyone has the right to dream. Moving overseas is such a dream, hence we have dedicated ourselves to finding the best career opportunities through extensive research, growth centered career counseling and constant support for our dreamers. As the name suggests, Visa Helps consultancy is an Australian education and immigration agencythat is dedicated to provide complete help to students and prospective professionals to migrate to Australia, whether for higher studies or a better career.
Migrating to Australia requires applicantsto accumulate scoresthat helps them toqualify for a skilled or non-skilled visa. Visa Helps prepares specially optimized approaches for all our customers according to their specific needs and qualifications.



Understanding your story is important to us. At V-Help consultancy, our immigration agents want to get to know you as much as they want to help you, listening to your story makes us work hard to achieve your new vision for life. We will have our best migration agents working on your case to make your dream of studying or working in Australia, Canada, USA, U.K a reality. If you want to study in Abroad? We want to make it happen.


At V-Help consultancy, we are committed to helping our clients in whatever way possible. Ensuring your admission into an Australia, Canada, Usa, U.K university will become our responsibility. with our high success rates, we are dedicated to maintaining a high standard’.V-Help is qualified professionals migrate to Australia,Canada,Usa,U.K, whether it be to work,study,or accomplish the Dream of permanent residency.


Our experience speaks for itself. the immigration agents at V-Help have helped a significant number of students gain admission to high-end universities Australia, Canada, Usa,U.K. Similarly, our consultants have a deep understanding of various subclass visa types approved for the right candidates. Consistency is key and this is something we try to practice every single time. We know that making the move to Australia, Canada, Usa, U.K and starting a new life in a new country can be scary, but our visa consultants are here to help you.


Our migration lawyers at V-Help consultancy are efficient in their processes. With years of experience, they have the expertise when it comes to visa applications and the educational system behind it. With a vast amount of knowledge on the topic, helping clients with their visa applications becomes a seamless and efficient process that we are proud of maintaining.
V-Help as a visa migration consultancy will take you through each step of your application process-from choosing which visa subclass to apply for, to completing each stage of the application until it is successfully granted, our staff are ready and willing to support you and your dreams of studying in Australia, Canada, Usa, U.K university.
We are equipped to assist students with their visa subclasses, the journey to permanent residency, English competency coaching, and helping you understand your university/course options when wishing to migrate to Australia, Canada, Usa, U.K.
Applying for the right visa can be tricky, so let us help you do it.